My name is Martin Aggerholm
I'm a foremost Motion graphic designer, with a print graphics design background, and has been an illustrator since childhood.
i’ve been working professionally as a freelancer for more than 6 years. And been working in New York, London, Stockholm Amsterdam, Glasgow and Copenhagen.
I’ve been working with clients as Marvel, Disney, KPMG, Nike, BBC, William Hill, The Rolling Stones and working for video games as Crackdown, Call of duty, Halo and Grey Goo.

My skills include: Most of the Adobe package, illustrator, photoshop and after effects. As for 3d I'm a Cinema 4d-guy, I have knowledge in animation, lighting, rendering, rigging, modelling, UV'ing(as much as you can archive in c4d), also expresso, Mograph etc.
Phone: +45 42 92 69 41


Available for Remote & In House projects - worldwide*.
*Unless i'm booked.
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