Oh hi there you. :) 
Motion Graphics ninja human, based in the lands of Copenhagen, ready to pump out some sweet frames. Always interested in working on some interesting projects, I don't mind to relocate for longer projects, in fact I prefer it.
With more than 8 years of experience he has been working in New York, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Copenhagen. 

Doing work for clients like Marvel, Disney, KPMG, Nike, BBC, William Hill, The Rolling Stones and working for video games as Crackdown, Call of Duty, Halo and Grey Goo.

Program - Proficiencies:
Cinema 4D (rigging, modelling, animation, rendering, mograph and more)
 Rendering with Octane, Advanced, Physical, Arnold - renderer
 and working with X-particles
After effects, with most programs that’s included in the Adobe package.
Others of relevance include, Substance painter and Zbrush 

Phone: +45 42 92 69 41

_____________________________________ https://www.twine.fm/MartinAggerholm

Available for remote & in house projects - worldwide*.
*Unless i'm booked.
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